Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park – Mandan North Dakota

Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park – Mandan North Dakota

Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park is a unique site that has many facets of historical value. It is located at 4480 Ft. Lincoln Road, seven miles south of Mandan, North Dakota. This site, which encompasses 1006 acres, is a valuable historical site because it is important in both military and Native American history. 

This was the fort that General Custer rode out from on the tragic mission against the Sioux Indians at Little Big Horn. Portions of the military post have been reconstructed and restored, including the Custer House, which is the Victorian-style home of General Custer and his wife, and other military buildings such as barracks and the commissary storehouse which has been converted into a gift shop.

Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park is also important for the Native American history in the area. The On-A-Slant Indian Village included earth lodges that were inhabited by the Mandan Indians during the period of 1575-1781 and provides a chance for visitors to see what the lives of early Plains Indians were like. The Mandan Indians lived in one place and were mainly hunters and farmers. Their villages became trading centers for the nomadic Indians, and this site is where the Mandan Indians gained their highest civilization.

The land for the Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park was given to the state by Theodore Roosevelt in 1907, and much of the restoration work of the military and Native American sites was done by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1934. Additional restoration work was done in the 1980s and 1990s.

Visitors can also take advantage of the campgrounds at Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park. It is located in a wooded area that is near the Heart River. There are 95 campsites, 30 sites of which have electrical hookups for RVs. There are also several sleeping cabins which can be rented for $40 a night for up to a week. The camping area includes showers, picnic shelters, a playground, a visitor’s center, historic tour sites, hiking trails, etc.

Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park hosts a variety of fun activities for visitors. For instance, in September, Children’s Fun Day gives kids ages 8-13 the chance to spend the day with the 17th Infantry. In October, there is the Evening at the On-A-Slant Village, where guests can learn more about the Mandan Indian culture. October is also the month when eerie, haunted tours of the cavalry buildings are given. In December, Custer Christmas is a time to tour the Custer House, take sleigh rides, and enjoy festive holiday fun.

There is a small vehicle entrance fee to get into Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park. To tour the Custer House and On-A-Slant Village, visitors must purchase an interpretive pass, which is $6 for adults and $4 for children. There are also fees for camping and rental of the sleeping cabins. Reservations are suggested for the campground and required for the sleeping cabins. The accommodations at the park are open from May 19 to October 1. To contact them, call 701-667-6340. For sleeping cabin reservations, call 1-800-807-4723.