Pfennig Wildlife Museum – Beulah, North Dakota

Beulah.jpgPfennig Wildlife Museum – Beulah, North Dakota

National Geographic magazines don’t have anything on this museum.  The collection of one man takes you on a trip around the world. This unique hunting visual experience presented in a museum setting will take you through numerous countries of the world and the animals that are there such as the polar bear, elephant, zebra, rhinoceros, baboon, crocodiles giraffes and more.

Come to Beulah to experience a once in a lifetime experience of seeing this museum.

Location: 1313 Highway 49 Beulah, ND 58523

Phone: (701) 873-4889


  1. Just another word or two about the Pfennig museum. I was surprised at the variety of bear displayed there. There was a cinnamon bear (a real one, not the candy kind) and a polar bear and a few more kinds.

    A very, very interesting place to visit–and while you’re in the area, take a tour of one of the power plants. I know Basin Electric gives tours. They’re fascinating.